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Designer radiators: a radiator to suit every interior style

Designer radiators: a radiator to suit every interior style


The decor of your home interior decides the atmosphere and aesthetic appeal of your home. Nowadays, radiators are a prominent factor of consideration in deciding the interior style of a home. This explains why designer radiators are proving such a hit: they are available in such a wide range of designs that there is one to suit every type of interior, ready and waiting to be connected to the central heating system.

Designer radiators: an important factor in your home interior

The decor of your home interior gives a defining twist to the aesthetic and cosiness of your home. With as many different tastes as there are people, there are countless ideas and concepts on interior design. The following elements certainly play an important part in giving your home interior a personal touch: furniture, lighting, wall covering, floor covering, colours and ceiling lining.


Radiators too are increasingly being used to contribute to the decor of modern and classic home interiors. This explains why designer radiators are enjoying growing success. Courtesy of the wide variation in terms of shapes, colours and materials, they do justice to every home interior imaginable.

radiateur design

Horizontal designer radiators

Horizontal designer radiators with sleek lines stand out in a trim or subdued interior. If you prefer a softer feel, you are better off with rounded edges. A sleek design will fit in classic and modern interior styles alike.








Verticale designradiator Vasco Beams

Vertical designer radiators

Vertical designer radiators are often used in kitchens and bathrooms, although they are just as readily found in living rooms. Their rectangular shape enables you to fit out the space of your room more deliberately. Courtesy of the wide range of options in materials and colours, you are certain to find a radiator to lend your interior the extra cachet you have been looking for for ages.


Designer radiators: quality and elegance

Designer radiators are more than just ‘design’. The new generation of designer radiators melds elegance with heat output and delivers sufficient heat to properly warm any room. Work out the heat output you require ahead of time and choose the best suited type of designer radiator on that basis.