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Designer radiators: comfort and quality rolled into one

Designer radiators: comfort and quality rolled into one

Designer radiators are a delight to behold, but they have quite a few other aces up their sleeve. For one thing, they turn in a sterling performance in terms of comfort and quality. In addition, you get to choose from different designs that will do justice to every room in your home. Read on to find out more!

Designer radiators made for comfort

Designer radiators made for comfortInside your home, living comfort comes first. That includes being able to enjoy nice and comforting warmth. Designer radiators make sure you get the full benefit of snug and cosy warmth at all times. Moreover, designer radiators can be combined with LTH (low temperature heating). Using low temperature heating means both the supply and return temperature are a lot lower, which has a positive impact on your living comfort, not to mention your energy bills. The simple reason being that you need less energy to reach an agreeable twenty degree temperature.

A visual treat

Design is synonymous with elegance and timeless grandeur. Designer radiators lend your home interior a whole new look. There is a wide choice of different models and designs. Sleek and angular or round and streamlined: whatever you are looking for. For starters, there are any number of colour options to choose from. Find the radiator that suits you and your home interior.

Horizontal and vertical radiators

Horizontal and vertical design radiatorsDesigner radiators will infuse every room in your home (bathroom, kitchen, living room and hallway) with an added touch of class. There is a choice between horizontal and vertical models. A vertical radiator will work a treat in the bathroom for instance. Using matching accessories also enables you to hang up towels on your radiator. Horizontal models are ideal to be fitted underneath windows.

Optimum quality

In deciding which radiators to go for when fitting out your home, the aesthetic cachet they exude is a factor of considerable importance. But it is not the only element to consider. The quality of your heating system is every bit as important. This is something designer radiators are perfectly geared to. They are durable and energy-efficient, which is certainly beneficial to your wallet. Plus the fact that it is good for the environment is a nice added bonus.