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Home decoration: 3 ways to put designer radiators in the spotlight

Home decoration: 3 ways to put designer radiators in the spotlight

While it used to be a case of putting radiators out of sight as much as possible, these days they are part of the interior. Quite a number of interior designers consciously choose for sustainable, high quality decorative radiators as ‘statement piece’ in the bathroom, kitchen, living room … And so they make every effort to put the carefully chosen designer radiators extra in the spotlights. Are you also looking for tips for decorating your home with designer radiators? Let yourself be inspired!

1. Literally putting your designer radiators in the spotlight

A radiator that is also an eye catcher deserves a visually striking spot. Install your designer radiator preferably at the end of a hall, or dedicate an entire wall to it. You can even put your radiators literally in the spotlights with spots or by installing them under a skylight.

2. For daredevils: brightly coloured designer radiators

Both in country homes and modern interiors, neutral colours usually dominate. If that is also the case in your interior, then it is absolutely impossible to elevate your radiators to an art object. Choose from the many bright colours in which radiators these days are available, and they will certainly catch the eye!

3. Decorating your home harmoniously

Do not be mistaken: even without bright colours, radiators can play a creative role in your interior. For example, choose a designer radiator with simple lines and a slightly lighter or darker shade than that of the wall. In that way, you maintain the harmony with the rest of the interior, while the design of the radiator still gets all the glory.

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