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How radiators can act as real eyecatchers

How radiators can act as real eyecatchers

If you love design, we have good news for you. Radiators have long stopped being disruptive elements in home interiors. If anything, the contrary is true: designer radiators will give your interior a whole new dimension, imbuing it with a sense of flair. Read on to find out how!

Vertical or horizontal

Whereas most radiators used to be routinely fitted in horizontal position, things have changed considerably. Radiators are now often seen to be mounted vertically, which makes for a sleek design effect. Vertical radiators work wonders for a lot of different spaces, with the kitchen or the living room as just two prime examples. However, they are also often seen in bathrooms, where they serve as the ideal combination of elegance and functionality. In addition, they are space savers, which always comes in handy, especially in compact bathrooms.

Curves or straight corners

Nowadays, radiators do not necessarily need to involve curvatures. If anything, today’s radiators are increasingly sooner trim, with straight corners, which will create a stunning designer effect in turn. There is nothing to suggest that the radiator tubes need to be round either. Straight square tubes will see you effect a gorgeous rhythmic line pattern!

White or … a different colour

Most radiators sold this day and age continue to be white. All the more so as white seems to be the epitome of an ageless and sophisticated aesthetic. Yet there is a wide range of different colour options available to choose from. A designer radiator in a different colour allows you to create a gorgeous feature in your interior. The choice is yours!

Design and durability go hand in hand

Design and appeal matter greatly, but so do reliability and durability. Go for a material that can take a knock or two and go for optimum value for money. Be sure to keep an eye on the user-friendliness element too. This will allow you to enjoy your radiators for a very long time to come!