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How to remove pet odour from your home

How to remove pet odour from your home

While pets are lovely to have around, dogs, cats and other animals unfortunately tend to leave a bad odour around the house. Sprays and scented candles only cover up the smell for a short while, plus they’re unhealthy for both your four-legged friend and yourself. It’s much smarter to continuously ventilate your home, so that odours get no chance of lingering. That way, you’ll never have to be embarrassed of bad smells in your home whenever you invite people over.

Avoiding funny pet odours in the home

The best way to remove a funny odour? Don’t mask it but ventilate your home instead! A sound ventilation system removes the polluted, bad-smelling air and ensures a continuous supply of air that’s fresh and clean.

Mechanical ventilation is already mandatory for new construction but can also be installed after renovations. If you’re about to welcome a new pet to your family, you can still have a ventilation system installed.

Ventilation without breaking out walls

When you decide to equip your home with a ventilation system, you don’t have to break out walls or make heavy investments. Decentralised ventilation with heat recovery is quick and easy to install, since the system only requires one unit to supply fresh air and remove polluted air. The unit is installed in a room adjacent to an outer wall, so there’s no need for air ducts. Incredibly powerful, this type of ventilation system is ideal for efficiently removing all bad odours from your home.

Bye-bye, allergies

Is one someone in your household allergic to pets? Once more, having a ventilation system installed is the answer. It offers a constant supply of fresh air and removes allergens, creating a much healthier indoor climate.

Are you considering a ventilation system for your home? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer any question you may have.