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Introducing the Vica Sani heat pump boiler...

Introducing the Vica Sani heat pump boiler...

Want to heat the water for your bath, shower, washing up or cleaning in an ecologically sound way? No problem! With the new Vica Sani heat pump boiler from Vasco, you draw energy from nature to heat your sanitary water to the desired temperature. And it's not just good for your pocket, it’s also good for the environment!

A brand new air/water heat pump boiler

The Vica Sani heat pump boiler draws heat from ambient air and converts this into energy to heat your sanitary water. It is a sustainable and smart alternative to your old gas or electric boiler. Thanks to the 258-litre buffer tank, which is highly insulated with polyethylene, you can save water and keep the water hot. So, when you turn on the hot water tap, you won’t have to wait until the water heats up to the right temperature. And even better... there is enough hot water for the whole family!

Installed without structural works

Worried about replacing your old boiler because of all the structural work involved? Don't worry! Thanks to Vasco’s handy ‘plug and play’ concept, the installation of the Vica Sani is surprisingly simple and straightforward. The installer only has to disconnect the old boiler and then install the new heat pump boiler. Once the system’s inlet and outlet have been connected to an external air source, the Vica Sani just has to be connected to the electricity supply. The heat pump boiler is then ready for immediate use.

Always ready for use

The Vica Sani has a defrosting cycle which you can rely on even down to temperatures of -10°C. If you are going on holiday or plan to be away from home for a while, this prevents the risk of a legionella infection when you turn the hot water tap on again. The Vica Sani also offers a legionella prevention system which protects your health.  What’s more, the Vica Sani comes with an additional heat-exchanger coil, which allows it to be connected to an external heat source such as hydraulic solar collectors.

Want to know more about the Vica Sani heat pump boiler? Find a Vasco distributor in your area.