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Invest in ventilation: discover our system for large spaces

Invest in ventilation: discover our system for large spaces

Fresh, outdoor air is a real pick-me-up. But what if you are sat indoors for long periods, at school or when you’re working? Then you need ventilation. Our new Energy Plus series is ideal for non-residential applications or, in other words, large rooms. Find out more about this ventilation system with heat recuperation here.

Why ventilate large rooms?

Ventilation is the basis of a healthy indoor climate. Our ambient air is easily contaminated. We all exhale CO2 and water vapour and release bacteria if we sneeze or cough. But fungi, dust, allergens and similar also impact upon air quality. Stuffiness also causes concentration problems and tiredness, and helps viruses to spread.


If you supply sufficient fresh air, you can avoid a build-up of damaging substances. That is particularly useful for rooms where there are groups of people for long periods, such as in offices and classrooms. It is also handy for commercial areas or buildings where people tend to gather. And don’t forget about air quality in your own home!

How does the Energy Plus ventilation system work?

With the right ventilation system, you can reduce the concentration of CO2 indoors. For large areas, a greater flow is required and Energy Plus is therefore the ideal solution. The fact that the units work with heat recuperation means this type of ventilation is also sustainable. Both the supply and the discharge of the air are fully mechanical processes. The Energy Plus ventilation system draws heat from the indoor air in order to warm the fresh outdoor air that it supplies. This means no heat is lost and you save energy. The ventilation units are available for ceiling attachment and floor installation.

Ventilation in schools

The Energy Plus series is interesting for all non-residential applications but primarily for schools, as this system offers added value in terms of keeping CO2 levels on track. If your system is incorporated into a modular ceiling in a corridor, you can use it to ventilate three to four classrooms. Few adaptations are needed in the classrooms themselves; a limited system of pipes and a few wall grilles are all that is required.

Choose efficient ventilation

Invest in efficient ventilation and draw healthy, fresh air into your school, commercial area or public building. Read more detailed information about the Energy Plus series in our brochure or visit a Vasco distributor for customised advice.