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Is covering or building in radiators a good idea?

Is covering or building in radiators a good idea?

Are you planning to install new radiators and build them into the wall or hide them behind a radiator cover? Before you proceed, it pays to consider the negative consequences doing so may have. According to some, covering up radiators is the best if not the only way to let them blend into the interior. If you opt for Vasco designer radiators, however, you’ve literally got nothing to hide! 

Covering or building in your radiators leads to heat loss

Vasco radiators are renowned for their very high heat output. Still, if you cover them, the radiant heat will decrease considerably – as will your comfort level. You’ll find yourself facing a higher energy bill, because the room just does not heat up like it used to. That’s because the heat remains trapped underneath the cover.

Are you keen on covering your radiators because you want to keep your children from burning themselves? Then opting for low-temperature heating is a much better solution. Heating at a low temperature is not only safe, but a lot more sustainable to boot.

Vasco radiators are a sight for sore eyes

There’s a good reason why Vasco’s radiators are called designer radiators, so why hide them instead of showing them off? Moreover, because our collection features many different styles, you are sure to find a radiator that suits your interior perfectly. Sleek and slender, the Mono Collection matches any modern home. Are you all about elegance and refinement? Then you will love the Oni Collection. Wafer-thin, these radiators are not only a feast for the eyes but also very practical. Thanks to the specially designed front plate, you always have a place to hang your towels to dry.

The Vintage Collection, by contrast, is your ultimate choice if you’re fond of classic, country interiors. Their authentic look gives any room an instant touch of luxury. Is it a genuine, pure design without all too many frills you have in mind? Then you can’t go wrong with the stylish yet modest look and timeless simplicity of the FlatLine.

Would you to learn more about Vasco designer radiators? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit a Vasco dealership in your area.