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Plinth heating and large windows: like hand in glove

Plinth heating and large windows: like hand in glove

They do look marvellous, those houses and apartments with large glazed sections… But how do you go about heating the place if your windows are that big they do not leave any room for radiators? Have underfloor heating fitted? An excellent solution in its own right, but were you aware that there is also such a thing as plinth radiators?

This is how plinth heating works

Plinth radiators are extra low radiators that are a perfect match for large windows. Simply connect them to your central heating system and enjoy all the benefits that come with regular radiators.

Deciding between plinth radiators and underfloor heating

Finding it hard to decide between underfloor heating and plinth radiators? You are not alone. Both options deliver virtually identical benefits. They are ideal for spaces with large windows. They do not overpower your home interior and save quite a bit of wall space, which you can never have enough of if you have got large windows. Both underfloor heating and plinth radiators by Vasco deliver optimum heat output. Yet, there is one – not unimportant – difference. You can put up plinth radiators anywhere around the house – underfloor heating however is not suited to every kind of floor

Plinth radiators by Vasco

Have you reached your decision and set your sights on plinth radiators? Then this is where your quest for the right model for your home interior begins! Here is a selection from our range:

Zana plint

A trendy yet timeless designer radiator, that is Zana plint for you! Zana works in delightful complement to any sleek and modern interior, with a playful tip of the hat to the column radiators of old.


Subtle, stylish and entirely of its time. Primula allows large glazed sections to stand out to great effect whilst making the room pleasantly and efficiently snug and warm.


The Vasco Flat-Plint-Line is a plinth radiator that delivers – hard to imagine anything else – superior heat output. By virtue of its low height, this designer radiator can be perfectly combined with large windows.

Tip: Do you need your plinth radiators to integrate into your home interior as unobtrusively as possible? Order them in the same colour as your walls!