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Quickly raise the temperature of your bathroom wherever you are

Quickly raise the temperature of your bathroom wherever you are

Imagine you are watching a great television series and you are thinking of having a nice hot bath when this episode has finished in half an hour. You consciously opted for sustainable electric heating for your bathroom, so you need to interrupt your series to go and turn on your electric bathroom radiator. With the Vasco Climate Control app and a Wi-Fi controlled electric radiator, those situations will forever be a thing of the past. From now on, you can control your bathroom temperature anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

Until recently, Vasco’s electric radiators were operated with a controller at the bottom of the radiator (E-Volve) or an RF remote controller and a receiver underneath the radiator (E-Volve RF). The new generation of Vasco control is Wi-Fi-driven, which means that you can control your radiator with a compact E-Volve Wi-Fi module. It uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with a small temperature sensor that is positioned in the same room (preferably not next to a window or door). All operations are done in the Climate Control app on your smartphone. The Climate Control app is connected to your electric radiators via the Wi-Fi module, so you can programme all kinds of settings. The system offers 4 standard scenarios – getting up, being out, being at home and sleeping – which you can adjust and even expand just the way you like it. The result will be energy-efficient heating in ultimate comfort.

Link your vasco radiator to the climate control app

E-Volve E-V Wi-Fi is designed in such a way that it can be placed out of sight behind your radiator. This gives you comfort and convenience without compromising the appearance of your space. E-Volve E-V Wi-Fi is available in white and grey and is available for Vasco’s electric radiators Beams Mono-EL, Oni-EL, E-Panel, Iris, Agave, Aster, Carré Bad, Zana Bad, Viola and Niva. The free Climate Control app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. Click here to download the manual.