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Rapid heating with electric radiators

Rapid heating with electric radiators

Electric radiators are becoming increasingly popular and there is a very good reason for this. Modern houses are well insulated, which means that electric heating is enough to achieve a pleasant temperature in the home. Electric heaters also heat up really quickly. That’s certainly the case if you choose the Beams Mono EL or the Oni O-NP-EL !

Quick heat with electric radiators

In contrast to the regular radiator, an electric radiator does not use water to heat the pipes. The heating is produced by electrical resistance. With the Beams Mono EL, this resistance is cleverly concealed. The model is made of aluminium which means faster warm-up times.

This radiator is ideal for rooms which need to be heated quickly but only once in a while. This could include a study where you work every now and then.

A well-thought-through design

The Beams Mono EL not only offers super-quick heating times, it is also a real asset in your interior. A great deal of attention has gone into the innovative design of this model. Fans of authentic, modern design will be delighted by this particular heater. At the rear, there is a cover plate in the same colour as the front. The electrical resistance elements are concealed within this plate.

Ultimate installation simplicity

One of the benefits of the Beams Mono EL, is how easy it is to install. Thanks to the handy plug & play concept, the heating can be installed without any disruption at all. So you won't have to repaint your walls.

Would you like to get up close and personal with the Beams Mono EL? Then find a Vasco distributor near you. Use our handy Dealer Locator to find a showroom where you can see the Beams. You can even search by colour!