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Reap the benefits of heat recovery with DX ventilation

Reap the benefits of heat recovery with DX ventilation

Vasco is proud to present to you our new DX ventilation with heat recovery. Vasco engineers worked on this unique piece of technology for two years and the result is, if we may say so ourselves, quite impressive. Part of the latest generation of ventilation systems, DX ventilation is not only extremely efficient but whisper-quiet as well.

How does DX ventilation with heat recovery work?

The new DX range consists of three models of 400, 500 and 600 m³/h respectively. Consuming very little power, the DX models are equipped with two mechanical fans that remove polluted air and replace it with fresh air. The healthy air is sucked in through a valve on the roof or in the wall, and enters your home through so-called ‘dry spaces’, such as the bedroom or living room. In a next step, the air that circulates in the home’s ‘wet spaces’ (the bathroom and kitchen) is extracted via designer valves in the ceiling.

Because heating up cold outside air requires quite some energy, the DX ventilation system relies for 90% on heat recovery, limiting energy loss to the absolute minimum. A unique built-in Octogon heat exchanger extracts heat from the used indoor air to heat up the fresh outdoor air coming in. Unlike systems that use window grilles, this technology does not lead to higher energy consumption.

The many benefits of DX ventilation

A most reliable technology, DX ventilation offers an automatic and constant flow control. In addition, the system is quick and easy to install, having two internal connections (one at the front and one at the rear) that allow for both horizontal and vertical installation. Thanks to its simple and sleek design, the device blends in perfectly with any interior style. Finally, DX ventilation systems are among the most silent of their kind, so you can enjoy your healthy indoor climate all day and every day in peace and quiet.

Questions about Vasco’s DX-ventilation systems? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.