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Renovating? All you need to know about heating

Renovating? All you need to know about heating

When you take on a renovation project, there are many choices that need to be made. Which materials do you choose? Will you choose extra sustainable or low-budget options? And what about seemingly trivial details that turn out to have been really important considerations? Well, one thing you don’t need to worry about is heating. A few smart heating tips for anyone renovating!

A minor facelift or a total makeover?

How high is your budget and how long should the project take? If you have plenty of time and money, you can really get stuck in. It is certainly smart to replace your old heating oil boiler with an environmentally-friendly alternative: a heat pump. Want to make a smaller investment which will still pay dividends? Then a heat pump boiler is a great idea for heating sanitary water using a ‘green’ system. Your heating system, however, must be suitable for the heat pump. Underfloor heating is ideal but low temperature radiators are also an option.

The next step: heaters or underfloor heating?

Are you thinking of taking out your old flooring? Then underfloor heating is worth considering. The Vasco routed system is the ideal solution for installing underfloor heating in areas that have not been adapted for an underfloor system. The system not only improves comfort levels, with cosy toes at any time of the day, it also substantially reduces your heating bill. This is due to the fact that the temperature of the supply water for underfloor heating is considerably lower than it is for classic radiators.

Do you have a unique, characteristic floor that you wish to retain or would you consider replacing the floor covering completely? Then you should also think about replacing your old radiators with stunning designer models. This will not only enhance your interior, but also reduce your energy bill. All of Vasco's radiators can be heated at low temperatures. They are also available in various RAL colours. (Yes, another choice that has to be made when renovating...)

Any questions about the best way to heat your home? Visit a Vasco distributor in your area.