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Renovating your central heating: a smart investment?

Renovating your central heating: a smart investment?

Every day we rely on our central heating boiler and radiators to keep us warm. It goes without saying that these installations require regular maintenance and will eventually even need to be replaced. Isn’t it high time you renovated your central heating? Find out how to get started!

Boiler: maintain, check and … replace?

Regular maintenance of your central heating boiler is required by law. If your central heating boiler runs on gas, you must have it checked by a certified technician once every two years. For central heating that runs on oil or solid fuel, that’s every year. If it turns out you need a new boiler, you have to replace the old boiler with a condensation boiler, in accordance with the new European Eco-design guidelines. Condensation boilers are quite expensive. However, in terms of energy, they are much more economical than their predecessors and they more than pay for themselves in the long run.

Renovating central heating

Damp patches on your walls, water damage on your floors, loss of pressure in your central heating boiler… these are all possible symptoms of leaky heating pipes. In this type of situation, you have two options: either you rip out the pipes and replace them or you only repair the part that is leaking by coating the inside of the pipe with a layer of protective epoxy.

Insulating central heating pipes

Did you know that you can save about 150 euro every year by insulating your heating pipes? You can easily do that yourself with polyethylene foam or glass/rock wool pipe insulation that you can just buy from the DIY store.

Replacing old radiators with new and better ones

For a long time now, radiators have been much more than a necessary evil in your home. These days, designer radiators are a fully-fledged part of your interior, perform much better than traditional radiators and guarantee a better, evenly distributed heat.

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