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Save space with the right radiators

Save space with the right radiators

A heating unit is often seen as a necessary evil, but that no longer has to be the case. The Vasco designer radiators not only save a lot of space, they also look beautiful. Here are a few tips on how to cleverly manage your available space!

Save space with vertical radiators

Traditional radiators are usually fitted horizontally, but there is no reason why a radiator cannot be hung vertically. Vertical radiators not only make the space look bigger, they also take up less valuable wall space. For example, you can fit an elegant vertical radiator on a small piece of wall that would otherwise be wasted space. Then you can use the rest of the space for furniture or decoration.

Heating close to the floor

However, horizontal radiators can also be space-savers, on condition that you give them a strategic place. For example, you can fit plinth heating under a window. Plinth heating is also a good choice for a large glass wall: you do not lose any wall space and your radiators are hardly noticeable. A designer plinth radiator like the Vasco Primula has a subtle, minimalist design. For optimum use of space, you can install horizontal radiators in places that would otherwise be wasted space.

Designer radiators: slim and elegant

Finally, designer radiators are much slimmer than traditional radiators, so they also take up less floor space. You can even use the radiators as a dividing wall, so you combine two purposes in one smart solution. Do you want to save even more space in your bathroom? Opt for a designer radiator with a towel rail. Then you don’t need to provide an extra towel rack. Some examples of elegant, slim designer radiators are the Niva, the Arche and the Bryce.