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Simple ways to reduce the amount of fine particles in the house

Simple ways to reduce the amount of fine particles in the house

Don’t be fooled by the name, because fine particles are anything but fine for your health. For example, they can have an effect for on your airways, lungs, heart and blood vessels, and all that entails. The exact impact of dust particles depends, among other things, on the amount and type of dust that you breathe in. Prevention is better than cure, so here are some tips to limit the amount of fine particles in the house.

Do everything possible to keep the number of sources of fine particles to a minimum

Fine particles is the collective name for small, invisible particles that usually contain harmful substances. Indoors you are inevitably exposed to fine particles. Although you cannot always control the air quality at work, you can limit as many sources of fine particles as possible in your own home.

  • Make your home smoke-free. Tobacco smoke contains fine particles and other harmful substances.
  • Avoid the use of a fireplace.
  • Limit the use of candles.
  • Turn on the extractor fan immediately when baking or roasting.
  • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner.
  • Beat carpets regularly.

Are air-purifying plants the solution?

Although there is such a thing as air-purifying plants, you need to do more than just put plants in the house to tackle fine particles in your home. Several tests show that air-purifying plants do have a positive effect, but only under very specific circumstances. Because you do not meet those conditions in the average house, plants are not enough to protect you against fine particles.

Should we invest in air purifiers?

Air purifying devices are not the complete solution either. Some air purifiers effectively remove dust particles, but all in all there is no scientifically substantiated evidence that proves their effect. What’s more, some devices in turn produce fine particles themselves.

The message is regular ventilation

Proper ventilation is and always will be a must! No surprise then that a ventilation system is mandatory for new building projects. A solid mechanical system helps ventilate your home quickly and efficiently, so that you can always enjoy a healthy indoor climate.

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