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Sustainable living: it’s all about choices in everyday life

Sustainable living: it’s all about choices in everyday life

In recent years, sustainable building and renovation have become hot topics. However, you shouldn’t stop being eco-friendly once your house has been built. Sustainable living is something you do every day. Read our tips for less energy consumption and the sustainable use of resources, and reduce your ecological footprint.

The secret of sustainable living: major interventions?

Sustainable living begins with a sustainable house. Ensuring your home is energy-efficient means taking these elements into account:

… or hundreds of small steps in the right direction?

As an individual, there is a lot you can do every day to reduce your ecological footprint and to minimize the consequences of global warming. Because every little helps, we have listed the most important tips for making your own life more sustainable.


  • Apply the 4P-principle: first Pace (walk), then Pedal (cycle), then Public transport and only as a last resort, Private transport (car).
  • The closer you live to your work, the fewer kilometres you make and the more free time you have.
  • Air travel leaves an enormous ecological footprint. Consider taking the train or bus if you are making a trip to a European city.

Sustainable living and eating

Buy as many locally grown fruit and vegetables during harvesting season.

  • Fish and meat are not very environmentally friendly. Even one vegetarian day per week has a significant positive effect.
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  • Less waste begins with a well-organized fridge and shopping list. Those who shop without a list buy more and waste more.
  • There are several ecolabels for organic, ecological and socially responsible products. The more familiar you are with them, the easier it is to shop ecologically.
  • Other areas for attention are packaging, re-use and recycling. Oh, and don’t forget to compost your kitchen waste!

Electricity and heating

  • Register with a green energy supplier and buy 100 percent renewable energy!
  • Saving money without investing in new devices? You can. It all comes down to smart habits: dim the lights when you are not in the area and do not leave household devices in standby-mode unless it’s absolutely necessary. A small step for you, big savings on your bill.