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The 3 most notable interior trends for 2020

The 3 most notable interior trends for 2020

The start of the new year is a great time for brand new interior trends. Do you fancy upgrading your home in 2020 or maybe you're interested in contemporary design? Well, you can find all the inspiration you need right here. These will be the 3 dominant interior trends in the coming months. 

Smaller and smarter

We are living in increasingly smaller spaces and, as a result, must seek out smart home solutions. In the coming years, a lack of space won’t be seen as a limitation but as a creative challenge. So-called tiny houses with multifunctional furniture will then become hugely popular!

Did you know that radiators can also have multiple functions? The Niva Bad N1L1 doesn't just heat your bathroom, it also offers handy shelves and a space for hooks.

Warm and welcoming

Sleek, cold interiors are no longer on-trend among interior designers. In 2020, it's all about being 'cosy’. This means rich colours such as Bordeaux, anthracite or beige shades and natural materials including wood, marble and velvet.

Vasco has also taken account of this shift and is offering various trendy colours to finish your design radiator. The Oni O-NP in ‘Rust Brown’ or ‘Anthracite January’ would certainly add a touch of cosiness to your room.

Calm and relaxing

In these hectic times, we are all seeking a little relaxation. And where better to find it than at home? This year, your house can exude pure zen. Find inspiration in Japanese interiors and opt for colours that have a positive impact on your mood. There's very good reason for the Pantone Color Institute choosing Classic Blue as the colour of the year.

The Vasco design radiators are also available in calming, timeless blue. Why not choose between Dark Blue or Mid Blue?

Are you looking for a radiator which matches the latest interior trends? Then locate a Vasco dealer near you and find the perfect heating element for your home.