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The epitome of design: Vasco’s Niva radiator range

The epitome of design: Vasco’s Niva radiator range

Underfloor heating is not an option for you, but you think it would be a shame to see the relaxing ambience of your home interior, into which you have put a great deal of thought, time and effort, disrupted by mammoth radiators? Designer radiators are the ideal solution. Not only will they do a great job of efficiently heating your home, they will also lend your interior extra cachet. Curious about our latest models? Meet Niva for starters!

Restrained decorative radiator

Niva is a restrained decorative radiator which comes in a vertical and a horizontal model, to be mounted on your wall. The Niva’s design is flat and unostentatious, making it the perfect choice for a minimalist style home interior. If you are less taken with a sleek look, Niva Soft comes with rounded sides that make for a softer visual aesthetic.

Tip: Want to see your Niva designer radiators seamlessly blend in with your home interior? Order your radiators in the same colour as your walls! Niva is available in over fifty different tones.

Electric designer radiator

Looking for an electric radiator for your attic room or as a back-up heating in your bathroom? In that case too, Niva is an excellent choice. Same as Vasco’s other electric radiators, the electrical version of the Niva is very quick-acting, ensuring even heat distribution courtesy of individual thermostats. Energy consumption too is controlled with the utmost accuracy.

Stylish as well as sustainable heating

We have saved the best thing about Niva for last: this designer radiator can be perfectly combined with low temperature heating! It allows you to heat your home considerably cheaper and more eco-friendly than when using traditional heating, as central heating water with a supply temperature between 35 °C and 55 °C already does the trick.


Tip: The only way to maximise the potential of your radiators is to calculate ahead of time how much output they require to properly heat the various rooms and spaces around your home. Bear in mind that radiators in a poorly insulated home require an extra fifteen percent in output. If your home is insulated in accordance with current standards, deduct ten percent from the output required.