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The most popular radiators at a glance

The most popular radiators at a glance

Are you about to buy new radiators? Then you’ll have to choose from a huge range of styles and models. But don’t panic: below you can see which radiators are most popular nowadays.

NIVA Soft: pure class

The NIVA collection equates to simplicity but with an eye for detail and personal taste. You have a choice of fifty colours and horizontal and vertical models. Top of the range is the NIVA Soft Vertical with rounded sides for a softer design and a calming look. Ideal for the minimalist, but just as good as a subtle addition to a retro interior.

Oni: beautifully warm

Fancy something a little more eye-catching? The Oni combines paper-thin aluminium with excellent energy performance. The secret? A copper heating tube with minimal water content. This floating radiator allows you to use your available space efficiently, with or without towel recesses, and is also a design delight.

Iris: the classic among bathroom radiators

The seamless interaction between the vertical D-profile and the horizontal tubes creates a harmonious structure which just feels ‘right’. The Iris also guarantees problem-free installation, thanks to the smart, central attachment point. This radiator combines a beautifully finished design with superlative comfort, and will last for years.

Carré Vertical: optimum heating in a timeless design

The Carré Vertical is sleek and slender, like the Carré Plus, but offers dual tubes for maximum heat output. This designer radiator is not only timeless and functional, its extra capacity also guarantees optimum output in larger rooms.

Customised advice

Can you relate to one of the topics above? Curious about how they’d fit into your interior? Or just looking for something a bit different? Please feel free to contact our specialists for customised advice.