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The perfect indoor climate: what does it take?

The perfect indoor climate: what does it take?

The insulation standards for homes are becoming increasingly stricter. Insulating your home in compliance with these standards is a significant investment which will prove beneficial to your wallet in the long term, but less beneficent to your health. The truth of the matter is that well insulated homes hamper air flow. Contaminated air lingers indoors and fresh air struggles to make its way in, combining to produce an unhealthy indoor climate. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips to help you maintain a healthy indoor climate.

The ideal temperature at all times

The ideal temperature for your home during the day is somewhere between 16 and 24 degrees. That is to say: the most agreeable temperature in the bedroom is 16 degrees, in the kitchen you are looking at 18 degrees, 24 degrees in the bathroom and 20 degrees in the other spaces. At night, a temperature between 15 and 17 degrees is sufficient. To heat your home as efficiently as possible, the trick is to use the full potential of your digital thermostat and to determine the required output for each radiator.

Measuring and correcting air humidity

A healthy indoor climate has a humidity ratio of somewhere between 40 and 60 percent. The humidity in each room is easy to measure using a hygrometer. If necessary, it can be adapted resorting to an air humidifier or dehumidifier.

No healthy indoor climate without ventilation

In the past, when the insulation standards for homes were not quite as strict as they are today, holes and cracks ensured a reasonably unobstructed air circulation. Back then, simply opening doors and windows every now and then was enough. Nowadays, it is impossible to have a healthy indoor climate without an efficient ventilation system. A ventilation system C draws in fresh air through ventilation grilles in the walls or windows and mechanically evacuates used indoor air. A ventilation system D is slightly more expensive, but is fully automatic and allows for heat recovery, so it pays for itself in due course.

More tips for your indoor climate

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