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The perfect interior climate thanks to smart heating control

The perfect interior climate thanks to smart heating control

Coming home from work to a cosy, warm house is no problem at all with the Vasco Climate Control App! With the intuitive controls, you can organise your heating and ventilation system remotely. Your radiators, underfloor heating and ventilation system adapt to your lifestyle so that your home is always set to the perfect interior climate. 

What are smart controls?

Smart controls go one step further than a digital thermostat. With the Vasco Climate Control App, you have complete control over every aspect of your home’s interior climate. You can control radiators, underfloor heating and your ventilation system. And what’s more, you can do this remotely, whenever and wherever you want! If you have to work later than usual, you can set your heating to turn on a little later. This will stop you wasting energy and help you save money.

Isn't this sort of control system really complicated?

The Vasco Climate Control App is highly intuitive to use. So you don’t need to be a technical ‘whizz’ to control your temperature and ventilation systems. The app calculates how much time it will take to reach the set temperature. You will also receive an automatic reminder when it’s time to clean or replace the filters in your ventilation system.

Do you have questions about the Vasco Climate Control App or do you need help with your order? Please contact our customer service. They’ll be happy to help!