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The strong suits of aluminium radiators

Aluminium radiator = light-weight

aluminium radiators

Aluminium radiators are lighter than traditional steel radiators, making them easier to fit. For instance, aluminium radiators are easy to hang up on the wall, even in situations where wall thickness does not allow for deep anchoring. This certainly saves on drastic work to hang up the radiators on the wall: using the aluminium versions this gets the job done quickly.

Corrosion-resistant aluminium

Aluminium is corrosion-resistant. Which makes it the perfect material for radiators to be set up inside damp environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Heat conductor

Aluminium heats up quickly and is an excellent heat conductor. Aluminium radiators have a low water content, which makes for fast response times. This means that rooms that are heated by aluminium radiators quickly reach the required temperature. To shivery types, this benefit is likely to be the overriding element, as there is nothing better than coming home on a winter's evening and not having to wait until the house is warm enough to take your coat off for a blissfully unwinding lie down?

Wide range of designs

There is nothing to suggest that efficient heat should not be gorgeous to look at as well. Thankfully, the days when the design of radiators came second to their practical use and efficiency are well in the past. Aluminium radiators perfectly lend themselves to a myriad of designs, as aluminium can be extruded. You get to choose your own colour finish, which will see the style and form of your aluminium radiators blend in with your home or office design to perfection. Sacrifice on style? No way when you go for aluminium radiators!