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The vertical designer radiator: a boost for your home interior!

The vertical designer radiator: a boost for your home interior!

The days when you had to dress your interior around your radiators are long gone. Having vertical designer radiators fitted sees you doing things the other way around: you design your home interior entirely as you see fit. Then you add in the radiators for a stylish accent. A stunning, convenient and durable accent to boot! Not quite won over yet? Here are three good reasons to go for vertical designer radiators.

A stylish touch for every space

Designer radiators come in every imaginable shape, size and colour. Will you go for a small horizontal radiator in aluminium? Or go all the way with a vertical radiator with three robust, stylised strips? The options are endless. The colour palette is not confined to white, grey and black but also encompasses all manner of metallic colours, pastel shades and bright colours.

Every single Vasco designer radiator has been conceived around a subtle and timeless design, giving customers a designer radiator for every room in the house, in any style. Whichever style you decide on, make sure your radiator is in keeping with the trendy, modern or classical decor of the rooms concerned.

Handy, a vertical designer radiator!

A major benefit of vertical radiators is the fact they take up very little space. Having a sleek and trim designer radiator up against the wall, lack of space is no longer an issue! Moreover vertical radiators can be used as smart partition screens. Very practical, especially in the bathroom. Why not fit your bathroom or kitchen radiator with a towel bracket to use your radiator to its full potential.

Sustainable heating your home in style

Designer radiators are a highly sustainable choice for any home. They can be perfectly combined with ecological energy sources, such as heat pumps and solar boilers. Low temperature heating is another option open to you. This technology – to which vertical designer radiators eminently lend themselves – uses water with a low supply temperature, which means you consume a lot less energy.