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VASCO Flatline: sleek high-yield panel radiator

VASCO Flatline: sleek high-yield panel radiator

The kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the hall, … Panel radiators do an excellent job of efficiently heating any room around the house. Panel radiators are a popular choice in modern homes, their sleek looks doubtlessly having something to do with that. Are you looking for a panel radiator that will not only heat your home with the utmost efficiency, but will also give your home interior that added cachet of distinction? Meet Flatline, an eye-pleasing designer radiator that delivers a surprisingly high yield!

Modern designer radiator with quality hallmark

Flatline is a modern designer radiator with a pure crisp look. No frills but a flat front panel with a handsome white textured enamel finish. Anything but bland! The optional designer thermostatic valve and the chromed radiator valve deliver a stunning finishing touch. Flatline is available as a vertical radiator, a horizontal radiator and a plinth radiator.

Exceptionally high yield

Behind the flat front panel sits an ingenious system which makes Flatline a radiator that delivers superior heat output. The panel is in direct contact with the water ducts, which acts to produce an exceptionally high heat output.

Panel radiator with towel rails

Are you planning to have a Flatline fitted in your bathroom or kitchen? In that case, a towel rail is a very practical thing to have! This is why Vasco purpose-designed two towel rails, both in chrome, which are the perfect complement to the sleek design of the radiator and are easy to fit on your Flatline yourself.

Easy to fit

No such thing as breaking out walls or stripping doors to have your Flatline fitted. The Flatline offers universal connectivity courtesy of eight connection points. The unique central connection makes mounting the radiator up against the wall with pin-point accuracy child’s play. The lockable console ensures extra safe installation. Needless to say Vasco has subjected this quality radiator to strict tests before it was given the seal of approval.

More information

Want to find out more about the Vasco Flatline collection? Check out our brochure or contact us!