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What is the best place for your radiators?

What is the best place for your radiators?

Anyone busy with a new building project or planning a thorough renovation of his or her home, will probably pay a great deal of attention to energy-saving measures. But also the question of the best place for your radiators deserves the necessary attention. In this article you will find out the answer!

Place your radiators at the correct height

In well-insulated homes, you do not necessarily need your radiators to be installed under a window. You can place them anywhere, as long as you take into account a number of practical considerations. For example, you should install new radiators at 3 to 5 centimeters from the wall surface and at least 10 to 15 centimeters above the floor. This allows the air to circulate better around the radiator so the radiant heat is better distributed.

Use otherwise lost space

Another practical point is to ensure that you make optimum use of the available space. Because we live in smaller homes, we have to be smarter in how we use the limited space we have. Installing your radiators in 'lost places' is a good way to save space. Do you have an unused piece of wall of 1.5 meters between your kitchen and living room? So why not hang a narrow vertical radiator there? The same applies to the space under your windows: the ideal place for a horizontal plinth radiator. Did you know?

Let designer radiators be eye-catchers

Radiators are not only practical, they also fulfil an aesthetic function - especially if you opt for designer radiators. Think carefully about where your radiators look their best. It’s easy for a designer radiator to attract all the attention, but it can also blend into your interior and form a harmonious whole with it. It’s up to you!