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What is the difference between a convector heater and a radiator?

What is the difference between a convector heater and a radiator?

Nowadays, there are various ways to heat your home. Most people choose radiators, but convector heaters are also an option. We explain the differences between the two options so that you can find heating that suits you.

Two important concepts

Before we can compare radiators to convector heaters, we must explain two important concepts.

1. Radiated heat 

Radiated heat involves horizontal heat waves which warm up the environment. This is a direct form of heating. This heating method is healthier than convection heat because the hot air that you breathe in does not come from a heating element which contains dust. Many people find that radiated heat also feels warmer and more pleasant.

2.     Convection heat 

Convection heat is an indirect form of heating. The heating element sucks in cold air and then heats it up. The heated air rises to the ceiling, cools and then drops so that the process can be repeated. The space is heated more evenly than with radiated heat. 

How radiators work

Your central heating boiler heats water and sends it to the radiators. The water then heats the tubes in the heating elements. These tubes, in turn, heat the surrounding area by means of radiated and convection heat.

The difference with convector heaters

Convector heaters use hot water but, in order to heat the space, they produce convection heat, almost exclusively. The convector sucks in cold air at the bottom due to under-pressure. This creates a system of hot air circulation. Hot water flows underneath the system via a narrow pipe that is surrounded by aluminium panels. The panels expand the surface area that is in contact with the surrounding air and functions as a heat-exchanger. 

The right choice

Is low energy consumption one of your priorities? Then a convector heater or low-temperature radiator might well be an interesting option. Is the budget high on the agenda? Then a radiator is a wise choice. Radiators also have a longer lifespan and there are more design options.

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