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What is the ideal temperature for your living room, bathroom and bedroom?

What is the ideal temperature for your living room, bathroom and bedroom?

Are you always shivering from the cold? Or do you constantly feel too hot? The temperature at which you feel most comfortable depends on your personal preferences. Nevertheless, even those who feel the cold should refrain from putting their heating on at full capacity. We provide an overview of the ideal temperatures for living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms to prevent any nasty surprises on your heating bill.

The best temperature for the living room

You spend most of your time in the living room. That’s why it needs to be warm enough for you to watch TV in your pyjamas in the evening or comfortably relax at the table. Most people find the ideal temperature in living rooms to be between 19 and 21 degrees. Others may think ‘the warmer, the better’ but bear in mind that every extra degree will be reflected on your bill.

Tip: heat your living room with design radiators. These are not only powerful and efficient, they also add aesthetic value to your interior!

Optimum heating for your bathroom

A chilly bathroom is no fun at all. The ideal temperature for this space is quite high, around 23 or 24 degrees. This temperature is most effectively maintained using both under-floor heating and a practical towel radiator, e.g. an electric model. 

The bedroom can be a bit cooler

In contrast to the bathroom, your bedroom can be a little cooler. You’ll get the best night's sleep if the temperature hovers around 18 degrees.  

What if you're not home?

Adjust the temperature in your home when you're not there:

      during the day, when you're working and the kids are at school, the heating can be kept on a low setting.

      Going away for an extended holiday? Set the thermostat to 14 degrees. If you turn the heating off completely, you could encounter problems with damp.

The Vasco Climate Control app will enable you to maintain the perfect temperature in every room. Your Vasco dealer will be able to tell you more about this handy app!