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Which radiators are suitable for low temperature heating?

Which radiators are suitable for low temperature heating?

Our houses are increasingly better insulated, which has many benefits. Not only does it enhance thermal and acoustic comfort in the home; you can also heat much more energy-efficiently. In this article we tell you about the benefits of low temperature heating (LTH) so you can find out which radiators are most suitable for LTH.

Low temperature heating: only beneficial

Thanks to our excellently insulated houses, a radiator can now operate at a capacity of 55/45/20°C - instead of the traditional 75/65/20°C - without giving up comfort. You do not need a larger radiator to create the same pleasant indoor climate with a lower temperature. LTH gives you a better return and also a lower energy bill. Your energy consumption can in fact drop by up to 30 percent!

But remember: optimal insulation is essential in combination with LTH. That is why this type of heating is ideally suited to new homes. In addition, you must have a heat generator (such as a boiler, solar water heater or heat pump) that can handle low flow temperatures.

How to choose an LTH-proof heating element?

Heating elements for LTH must have a large surface area so that enough heat can be emitted to the air. For example, you can opt for radiators (all Vasco radiators can be connected to a low temperature system) or for convectors, such as the Niva ventilo-convector with which you can heat and cool. Finally, wall, floor or ceiling heating are also suitable for LTH.

Are you convinced of the benefits of low temperature heating? Vasco is always a good choice!