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Why an in-shower radiator is never a good idea

Why an in-shower radiator is never a good idea

Is your bathroom a little on the small side? Then you need to make your design as smart as possible. Vertical column units, large mirrors and an over-bath shower are excellent solutions for making the most of the available space and creating an illusion of space. A radiator in the shower, however, is not a good idea. Why not? You’ll find out in this article. 

A radiator in the shower is more likely to malfunction

The advantages of a Vasco radiator? It offers a long lifespan and will provide high heat output for many years. However, these advantages will be immediately eliminated by installing the heater in a shower. Water and soap are corrosive and will damage the paint on the heating element over the course of time. The soap will effectively ‘eat into’ the coating and lead to rust spots. The appearance of the radiator will suffer and it will also become less efficient. The internal workings of the heater will also deteriorate under the damp conditions.

Your warranty will be null and void

Given the fact that radiators are not designed to be installed in showers, your warranty will become null and void if you choose this type of installation. Under normal circumstances, you will have a ten-year guarantee for watertightness and paint finish. A great reason to install them in a dry location!

There are other options!

Don’t worry, there are other solutions for creating cosy warmth in your bathroom. You could go for slim, vertical panel radiators. The Beams Mono, for example, is just 150 millimetres wide. Underfloor heating is another great idea. It is not only space-saving, it is also highly energy-efficient, user-friendly and comfortable. And what could be nicer than warm feet after your shower?

Looking for a suitable radiator for your small bathroom or want to know more about underfloor heating? Visit a Vasco dealer near you.