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Why combining post-insulation and ventilation is a must

Why combining post-insulation and ventilation is a must

More and more people are post-insulating their homes already – good news for the environment – but, unfortunately, we tend to overlook the important fact that making a building completely airtight means used and polluted air can no longer find its way out. Proper ventilation is therefore essential to prevent health problems. While mandatory for new buildings, combining post-insulation with a ventilation system is not yet a given.

Post-insulation without ventilation is harmful to your health

Retrofitting your home is a smart move, provided installing a mechanical ventilation system is a part of your to-do list. Without such a system, harmful polluted air will remain trapped, while fresh outside air can hardly get in. In addition, your home’s humidity level will go through the roof whenever you take a shower, wash clothes, cook a meal or take a bath, as water vapour will accumulate and then condense on cold surfaces, creating an ideal environment for mould. Next to bad odours, mould can cause serious health problems – which is why post-insulation and ventilation should always go hand in hand.

When renovating, opt for decentralised ventilation

Are you looking for a reliable ventilation system which you can install without damaging the wall? Then opt for the Vasco D60. Whisper-quiet, this decentralised ventilation system draws in fresh air and removes polluted air by means of a single ventilation unit. Air ducts are therefore no longer necessary. Moreover, the system will save you plenty of energy as it allows for heat recovery. This decentralised ventilation unit from Vasco is ideal for minor renovations and the perfect solution to combine with post-insulation.

Would you like to learn more about the Vasco D60 decentralised ventilation system? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always happy to assist.