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Panel Radiators

Thanks to its 8 universal connections and integrated valve, Vasco's FlatLine is a flexible and installation-friendly heating solution. Especially in renovations as it requires minimal breaking of the existing pipes.

The convenient centre connection ensures that installation can be carried out with extreme precision. An additional advantage is that the supply of hot CV water and the discharge of cooling CV water are optimised, so that the radiator delivers optimum performance.

The wall console is lockable for easy, quick and safe mounting.

Vasco proves that low-temperature heating technology can also be beautiful with its FlatLine radiators. This sleek radiator with flat front plate and finish in white textured paint (S600) is an added value in any interior.

The FlatLine is available in a wide range of sizes and types and comes optionally with a designer thermostat knob.

Equipped with a water-bearing flat front plate for even more radiant heat. The water-bearing front plate is directly coupled to the water channels. It therefore not only has an aesthetic function, but also ensures even higher heat output, even in low-temperature systems.

The FlatLine offers you even more user comfort thanks to two handy towel rails in chrome (type LR or MM). Ideal for drying towels in the bathroom or kitchen.

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Product information

- Maximum flexibility with 8 connections

- Subtle added value in any interior

- Sustainable low-temperature heating

- Equipped with a water-bearing front plate for even more radiant heat

- Available in 3 depths (69mm, 102mm, 163mm)

- Accessories optionally available

- Colour: White Fine Texture, white textured lacquer S600

Towel rail FlatLine (LR)

Towel rail FlatLine (LR)

Set rubinetto cromo  50 mm ¾

Set rubinetto cromo 50 mm ¾

Thermostatic head white

Thermostatic head white

Thermostaatkop chroom

Thermostaatkop chroom

White Black
S600 White Fine Texture

S600 White Fine Texture