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On average, we all spend a large part of our time indoors. A bad indoor climate is one of the most common causes of poor health. The indoor climate can thus have a major impact on our health - in the negative, but also in the positive sense. A healthy indoor climate ensures a comfortable feeling, energy and good resistance.

Thanks to high-quality products and the right service, Vasco creates the ideal indoor climate for your home, whether it involves heating, ventilation or cooling.


Every room at the desired temperature

Design derives its value not from itself, but from the degree to which it satisfies the ultimate objective: optimal functionality. That is also Vasco´s firm belief. Authenticity is the standard, also when creating a designer radiator.

It must be a credible functional product with character. Stylish, pure and beautiful to look at, touch and experience.


Always fresh air at home with whisper-silent Vasco ventilation

Ventilation is indispensable for a healthy living climate in your home. A ventilation system ensures the supply of healthy air and evacuates the ´dirty´ air. Moreover, ventilation is necessary in order to prevent moisture problems in today’s well-insulated homes.

The installation of a ventilation system is therefore obligatory in newly-built dwellings. Vasco ventilation systems also offer many advantages for renovations.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating custom-tailored to your home

The way we build and renovate is constantly evolving. Vasco offers a wide range of underfloor heating systems, tailored to a wide range of construction techniques and situations, for new construction and renovations. So you’re always sure to have the most energy-efficient, user-friendly and comfortable solution.

Combine underfloor heating with radiators? The ideal solution!


A cool and comfortable indoor climate during the summer as well

With the Niva fan convector, you can heat and cool your home in an energy-efficient manner. This system, which works at low temperatures as of 35 °C, is very interesting when combined with a heat pump. The Niva fan convector can be used in all rooms of the residence, but is especially suitable for the bedroom. In this way your house remains not only pleasantly warm in winter, but also delightfully cool in summer.

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