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Easyflow Concrete


The unequalled aerodynamics of the Vasco EasyFlow air duct system ensures whisper-silent air circulation throughout your home. Together, the Vasco air duct system EasyFlow and Vasco ventilation create a unique low-noise ventilation system. A limited number of parts and a smart logistical concept guarantee easy, worry-free installation. The Vasco EasyFlow air ducts are made of sustainable HDPE. Installation is fast, simple and flexible. Every air valve has a single air duct instead of multiple parallel air ducts, which makes cleaning easy.

Easyflow concrete

The EasyFlow Concrete Pouring system consists of a solid, sustainable and anti-static combination of polypropylene on the outside and polythene on the inside. Contrary to traditional ventilation ducts, no sparks – which can cause damage to windows, etc. – will occur when shortening these synthetic ventilation tubes. Furthermore, a plastic air flow system is obviously susceptible to corrosion. The EasyFlow is sustainable and good for your health! Vasco ventilation ducts can be integrated in buildings at a moment of their choosing: using the EasyFlow Concrete during the shell construction stage or using the traditional EasyFlow ducts during the finishing phase.

Great news for architects and project managers

This is excellent news for architects and project managers, for some building constructions the ducts can only be placed in the concrete layer. However, this system enables the integration of ventilation ducts at an early stage of the building process or placing air ducts in constructions where the screed is not sufficiently high for the traditional EasyFlow ducts.

With the EasyFlow duct system, Vasco had already come up with an extensive installation-friendly solution for ventilation ducts in suspended ceilings, insulation layers, insulating fill layers and concrete covering floors. Introducing EasyFlow Concrete adds a system for poured concrete layers so that thanks to Vasco, architects, project managers and commissioning parties can now enjoy maximum flexibility.

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