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A heat pump and underfloor heating: the perfect combination

A heat pump and underfloor heating: the perfect combination

Do you have underfloor heating and want to save money on your energy bill? Combine your underfloor heating with a heat pump to heat your home in a more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way. You will enjoy optimum comfort in your home, particularly if it is an energy efficient building. Read more and find out why underfloor heating with a heat pump is the best choice.  

Low temperature heating with a heat pump and underfloor heating

With underfloor heating, the temperature of the water that flows through the pipes is never too high. The ideal supply temperature lies between 35 and 40 °C. By comparison, this is between 60 and 80 °C for traditional radiators. Given that both heat pumps and underfloor heating prefer low temperatures, you will obtain optimum efficiency if you combine the two systems. Your heat pump will not have to work very hard to heat the water to the right temperature.

The ideal combination for optimum comfort

Low temperature heating is gaining popularity because you can heat your home more evenly, more consistently and in a more environmentally-friendly way. The constant heat supply is particularly important with underfloor heating. If the heat is evenly distributed over a large surface area, you will need (almost) no additional heating and will eliminate temperature fluctuations. So, combine your underfloor heating with a heat pump to create the optimum indoor climate using energy-efficient methods.

Vica heat pumps: top quality and robust

A heat pump draws energy from its surroundings, reducing energy consumption. Vasco Vica 8 AW E is a top quality air/water heat pump with inverter technology which aligns output to the need for heat in your home. The key to its success is that it is incredibly quiet. This heat pump combines comfort, quality and design.

Vasco provides an all-in solution

You can come to Vasco for your underfloor heating and your heat pump. What’s more, adding the Vasco WTW system to your heating system allows you to create optimum ventilation for your home too, so the generated heat can stay indoors. We can provide an all-in solution, tailor-made for you, so you can always find a system that perfectly suits your specific heating needs. This is the perfect combination of design, innovation and user-friendliness. Review the numerous options with a dealer in your area.