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Black towel rails; stylish and functional

Black towel rails; stylish and functional

Many people stubbornly carry on drying their kitchen or bathroom towels over the radiator. Your towel will get lovely and warm but your room will unfortunately remain cold. The wet textile will capture and hold onto the heat from the radiator. You’d be much better off with a heater and a towel rail. This handy accessory is also available in stylish black. So you don’t have to choose between functionality and aesthetics!

In the bathroom or kitchen

In your kitchen or bathroom, a towel radiator is really useful. The horizontal pipes are perfect for drying towels or storing them tidily. Not entirely convinced about the appearance of this type of heating, or whether you want the same design throughout your home? Then, why not add a handy accessory to your designer radiator: the towel rail. At Vasco, you will find a range of holders. Some clip around the heater while others hang on one side of the heating element.

From classic chrome to trendy black

At Vasco, depending on the model of your radiator, not only can you choose between the various types of towel rails... ... the holders are also available in a range of colours. Whereas chrome used to be standard, black is now gaining in popularity. This is due to the fact that black taps are currently very trendy too. So now you can match all of the features in your kitchen or bathroom and create a contemporary look.

A towel rail with something extra

The MULTI+ is also available in black. This versatile accessory lies somewhere in between a towel rail and a shelf. You can use it to store your collection of skin care products or soap. The MULTI+ is a unique styling element!

Want to know more about black Vasco accessories? Visit a distributor nearby and ask about the various colours of the towel rails.