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Buying a decorative radiator: what are the options?

Buying a decorative radiator: what are the options?

The real work only starts when you are ready to buy decorative radiators. Because there are countless choices to be made. How do you choose the right radiator for your interior? Let us take you through what we have on offer.

Horizontal or vertical

The first choice you must make is whether you will go for horizontal or vertical radiators. The main advantage of horizontal radiators is that you can place them under windows. What you choose depends on personal taste and the size of your home. Vertical radiators emphasise the height of your ceilings. That isn’t to say that you must go for horizontal radiators in a smaller house. Vertical radiators, for example, are often surprisingly space-saving.

A flat decorative radiator or rather one with relief?

The next step is to determine the general look your radiator should have. If you prefer smooth surfaces because your goal is a minimalistic look, then you will certainly find something to your liking in the Oni, Arche or Niva collection. Are you looking for a radiator for the bathroom? We simply provide them with a ridge for your towels, or a towel rail. Would you prefer more depth? Then choose a radiator with a pronounced structure like the Beams Mono and Bryce Mono– real eyecatchers with beautiful lines.

All the colours of the rainbow

Just because you love minimalism doesn’t mean your interior must be black and white. Conversely, a remarkable shape does not have to be accompanied by a bright colour. The Vasco radiators are still available in a large number of colours. You are certain to find the perfect tint for your interior.

Buying a decorative radiator: more than just appearance

It is good if your radiator is the jewel in the crown of the room, but even better if it also works well and economically. That’s why Vasco is always a good choice.