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Can you combine a heat pump with radiators?

Can you combine a heat pump with radiators?

Anyone who talks about a heat pump is talking about underfloor heating aren't they? Well, not always. It's perfectly true that, in the past, heat pumps were exclusively used with underfloor heating but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, heat pumps can easily be connected to radiators to create an ecological and sustainable heating system. Read all about how it works here.

A heat pump with underfloor heating

A heat pump in combination with underfloor heating is a logical choice. The water that runs through your underfloor heating only needs to reach around 32°C to ensure a pleasant temperature in your home. Your heat pump does not have to work very hard to heat the water sufficiently. The supply water for classic radiators, in contrast, must reach around 55-75°C and that reduces the efficiency of your heat pump considerably. A heat pump with traditional radiators is therefore not advised.

... or with low temperature radiators

But you don't have to avoid radiators completely when you install a heat pump. There is another option, alongside underfloor heating: low temperature radiators. These also work with a low supply temperature and provide adequate heat to obtain a pleasant climate in your home. But be careful: not all radiators are suitable for low temperature heating. Luckily, you’ll always find the right thing at Vasco. All our designer radiators have a large front panel which means they can easily generate heat. So you use up to 30% less energy than with ordinary heaters and you have the option to use green heat produced by a heat pump.

You could also go for the Niva fan coil. This coil system sucks in air at the bottom and a fan sends cool or hot air through the heat exchanger. The hot air (winter) and cool air (summer) is then blown back into the room at the top.

Combine both

Choosing is losing. Luckily, you don’t have to choose if you buy a heat pump. The Vica Combi Collect buffer tanks allow 2 circuits of hot water to be regulated. One circuit is low temperature and one circuit is high temperature. So, you can opt for underfloor heating and a few strategically placed designer radiators too. These offer that extra warmth that you need but also add a certain sense of style to your interior.

Want to know more about the combination of a heat pump and underfloor heating/radiators? Find a Vasco dealer in your neighbourhood.