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Cost-effective electric heating: what to look out for

Cost-effective electric heating: what to look out for

Electric radiators are standalone systems. The electric resistor that is fitted into the radiator heats up a liquid also contained within the radiator. The radiant heat of an electric radiator ensures a pleasantly warm temperature in your living room, kitchen or bathroom. They are the perfect solution if there is no connection point for central heating. What is more, electric radiators can be controlled by various control units. Plus they can be combined with central heating and allow you to put in a mixed radiator.

The right system

Go for the right heating system for the right room. Obviously the room's dimensions and square surface area are crucial elements in this respect. Are you looking at heating a large living space or a bathroom? In that case, your safest bet is to go with Vasco's quality electric designer radiators or electric bathroom radiators.

Electric heating strong points

Alongside the various possibilities offered by electric heating to make sure your indoor space is cost-effectively heated, it also comes with a number of further strengths not to be sniggered at:

  • easy installation
  • low investment
  • fast operation

To heat a room quickly and efficiently, electric heating is ideal. Installation is a doddle as it does not require a chimney or a separate boiler room.

Going electric?

cost-effective electric heatingAsk yourself what the best way is to heat your home. If you are torn between electric heating, underfloor heating or yet another solution, just get in touch with Vasco's specialists for expert advice. 

Or why not opt for a combination of central heating and electric? Mixed radiators operate via central heating, but also have an electric function. If required, this allows you to call in extra heat swiftly and without hassle. The whole idea is to heat the house using electric heating if your central heating installation has been switched off in between seasons and you could do with heating.