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Economical, ultra-fast and ideal in the bedroom: the Niva ventilo-convector

Economical, ultra-fast and ideal in the bedroom: the Niva ventilo-convector

2-in-1-solution for heating and cooling

The Niva ventilo-convector serves as a radiator in the winter months and as an air conditioner in the summer. It is the ideal two-in-one device for the bedroom, where you don’t want to feel the cold in winter and where you would like it to be comfortably cool the rest of the year.

Ventilo-convector for an ultra-fast result

‘Yes but,’ you might ask, ‘what exactly is a ventilo-convector?’

Simply put: a ventilo-convector is a slatted heat exchanger with a small, built-in ventilator that blows either warm or cool air into the room. This system, which operates at low temperatures from 30 degrees, is extremely interesting in combination with a heat pump. The ventilo-convector can be used in all the rooms in the house, but is especially suitable for the bedroom. In this way, your house is not only pleasantly warm in winter, it is also nice and fresh in the summer. Now, that’s all-round comfort!


The Niva ventilo-convector is the perfect match for a geothermal heat-exchange pump because – just like underfloor heating – it uses water at a low temperature. The system operates at output temperatures from 30 degrees.

In a newly built house you would be well advised to couple the ventilo-convector in your bedroom and the underfloor heating elsewhere in the house with the heat pump. You can use solar panels to power it, so that the whole house can be sustainably heated at no cost.

Elegant Niva-design

Vasco raises the bar higher with each new design and has also brought a ventilo-convector to the market that fits into a stylish and elegant interior. Just like the other designer radiators in the Niva-collection, it has been designed with an eye for detail. No other heating device offers the same features and the same good-looking design.