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Heating and cooling with a fan coil unit: what's that?

Heating and cooling with a fan coil unit: what's that?

Torrid summers and ice-cold winters? We are starting to get used to them! But it’s not always easy to keep your house heated or cooled to an optimum temperature. Luckily, a fan coil unit offers the ideal 2-in-1 solution.


How does a fan coil unit work?

Struggling with the term ‘fan coil unit’? Well, it might sound complicated but nothing could be further from the truth. Hot or cold water flows into the system via a copper pipe that is surrounded by aluminium slats which function as a heat-exchanger. The integrated ventilator sucks out air from the room at the base and then transports this across the heat-exchanger. This creates air circulation. As a result, you can heat or cool at a low temperature, quickly and comfortably.


Heating and refreshing

A fan coil unit is especially practical when combined with a heat pump, for example our Vica 8 (ac) AW E. Heat pumps are much more energy-efficient and economical when they can produce water for heating at a low temperature. This system also guarantees rapid response times, both for heating and cooling. A fan coil unit will be useful in any room but it is particularly suitable for the bedroom to provide vital extra comfort! No more sweating in the summer or freezing feet in the winter.


Another bonus: there's no need to refresh your DIY skills, as the fan coil unit is really easy to maintain. It is fitted with a filter that combats dust particles so the inner workings are protected. This creates a highly energy-efficient and dust-free room.


3 additional reasons to choose a fan coil unit

The Niva fan coil unit is a quick, efficient way to heat and cool. Need we say more? Well, yes because Niva also offers:

      a sleek design which makes the fan coil unit look as if it is floating against the wall.

      a low noise level, so you can work, read or have a nap in the same room.

      an intuitive operating system via a touch-display and practical functions such as a night mode.


Want to know more about fan coil units and how you could use them in your home? Find a Vasco dealer near you for customised advice.