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Heating in children's bedrooms: things to look out for

Heating in children's bedrooms: things to look out for

Having heating fitted in the nursery room or the children's bedroom? In that case there are a few things to bear in mind. The aesthetics are one thing, safety is another. Read on to find out what to look out for to fit child-friendly heating.

Heart-warming: playful radiators in bright colours

Above all else, a children's bedroom should be a place where your child feels completely safe and at home. So there is every reason to make things look a little more cheerful and more playful than the rest of the house. Grey radiators? No, thank you. Your tiny tot is likely to go in for bright and fun colours. Who can blame him? As it is, there are plenty of special designer radiators both you and your child are certain to love.

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Radiators with a print

Kids have a vivid imagination that is under development. A fascinating talent that is best nurtured by parents with interior creations that fire the imagination. Which makes having a fun print on the radiator a great idea. Are your toddlers old enough to be starting to talk? Sit down with them and explore some ideas together on the kind of themes or patterns you would like. You are certain to a have few fun ideas yourself, but your kids are likely to come up with suggestions that are way out there. One thing is for sure, they are going to love having their very 'own’ radiator.

Safety first

Every bit as important is for the radiators to be safe for children. Accidents happen all too easily. So it is good to be wary of radiators with sharp corners anywhere near your little rascal who won't sit still for a moment!

Young children like grabbing hold of things without knowing which things are safe to touch. Heating pipes can get hot, exposing your child to serious burn risk. So it is a good idea to set up the baby cot away from the heating.

Another smart solution is fitting low temperature radiators. Not only are they eco as well as budget-friendly, they are also a lot safer for children.