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How radiators guarantee optimum heat output

How radiators guarantee optimum heat output

The optimum heat output for your home can only be provided if the radiators are precisely matched to the size of the various rooms and provide the required heat output. A radiator in a large living room, for example, must give off more heat to provide a pleasant temperature than a radiator in a small bathroom. That is why it is important to calculate the heat output of each radiator separately. You will then know whether the radiator is suitable for creating a pleasant temperature in a particular room. There are four elements which influence a radiator’s output: 

  • The volume of the room
  • The desired temperature
  • The room’s function
  • The building’s insulation

Calculate the heat output with the Vasco Product Configurator

The Vasco Product Configurator is a very handy tool for calculating the optimum heat output for your radiators. You can then choose the Vasco products which will provide the greatest comfort. In just two steps, you will know exactly what you need.

1. Detailed information about the room

The first task for the tool is to calculate the necessary capacity. You will need to answer a few specific questions about your home and living arrangements. The more detail you can provide, the more accurate the calculation.

  • Location: the tool takes the average temperatures in your region into account. The outdoor climate influences the indoor climate; Scotland, for example, is colder than southern England.
  • Home: is your home poorly insulated? If so, the radiators will need a higher output. That is why we need to know how much insulation you have, e.g. the type of glazing or ventilation.
  • Room: every room is different, so please specify the room’s layout. How many windows are there? How big is the room? Is there an unheated space underneath, e.g. a cellar?

Once you have entered all the details, the tool will estimate the watts you need to heat the room.

2. Choose the right radiator

During the next step, you can choose a suitable radiator with the right heat output. You can browse through our collections and models, both for electric heaters and central heating systems. You are bound to find a radiator that suits your taste, in a colour that fits into the rest of your interior. The Vintage-collection offers a warm, nostalgic feel to a room. If you prefer a more luxurious style, the Tulipa radiators are a must-have.

Add a product and check whether the number of watts is sufficient. Otherwise, you can combine various radiators to achieve the desired level of heat. You can then receive the calculation and product information by email. Or contact a distributor who can help you using the dealer locator. Then you can be sure of the right heat calculation! 

Extra tips for optimum heat output from your radiators

Even if you have radiators with the ideal capacity, optimum heat output is not guaranteed. The right, strategic installation is also really important, as your radiators must be able to distribute the heat they generate too. These tips and tricks will ensure you don’t lose any heat.

  • Do not place furniture in front of the radiator or hang heavy curtains over them. This will inhibit the distribution of heat.
  • Don’t place wet clothes or towels over your radiators to dry. It’s not only dangerous, it also stops the heat from being spread around the room. A towel rail or a towel radiator are great alternatives.
  • Choose a smart thermostat so you can control your heating remotely. This type of thermostat knows when it needs to be warmer or cooler.
  • Combine your radiators with underfloor heating. You can save money on your energy bill and always be nice and warm because underfloor heating guarantees a stable temperature.
  • A larger radiator gives off more heat than a small one. Not much room in your living room? Choose the biggest possible radiator by going upwards instead of outwards, with vertical radiators. The Mono models are practical and eye-catching; the Niva and Bryce designer radiators are sleek and elegant. Or you could exploit all that unused space under the windows, using a plinth radiator.

Find the right radiator

Which radiator gives off the most heat and is ideal for your large living room? And which example is most suitable for your small, damp bathroom? Our blog provides handy tips and more advice. Or review the numerous options with a dealer in your area.