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How to set the ideal temperature for the nursery?

How to set the ideal temperature for the nursery?

As a parent, you only want what’s best for your child. You’ve furnished the baby’s room with the greatest care and dedication, overlooking no detail from the cradle to the colours on the wall. However, chances are you haven’t given the climate of the nursery much thought - even though the temperature of the room can have a major impact on your little one’s health.

A healthy temperature for the nursery

There is no underestimating the importance of a healthy indoor climate for babies. Did you know that it’s even recommended to adjust the temperature of your child’s bedroom to their age? Newborn babies sleep best when the ambient temperature is around 20 °C. Once your baby is eight weeks old, you can lower the temperature by two degrees. But above all, make sure that the room temperature remains constant as a sudden temperature fluctuation can be detrimental to your baby's fragile immune system. In any case, low temperature radiators are an excellent choice for nurseries. Not only energy-efficient, they also ensure an even heat distribution.

Clean air for your baby

Surely, you wouldn’t dare imagine your baby breathing in polluted air while sleeping - yet that’s exactly what happens if your nursery is not properly ventilated. Round-the-clock ventilation is ideal for a baby’s room. It’s best to have a controlled ventilation system installed, as cracking open a window every now and then is not only insufficient in terms of ventilation but will also cause the temperature to drop significantly for a baby. A ventilation system D will instantly bring the fresh air to the right temperature thanks to heat recovery, which means hardly any energy gets wasted. Moreover, because this system is as quiet as a whisper it won’t disturb your baby’s sleep.

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