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Lower energy bills? No problem, just use a heat pump!

Lower energy bills? No problem, just use a heat pump!

We are all busy trying to find ways to heat sustainably. It’s not just good news for the environment and the climate, but also for your energy bills. One of the most popular methods for using renewable energy for heating is a water pump, which draws energy out of the atmosphere. Vasco has developed an air/water heat pump Vica 8 AW E which works with the Vica Combi Collect buffer tank to create the ideal combination for sustainable heating. 

How does a heat pump lead to lower energy bills?

Air/water heat pumps draw heat from the surrounding air. They take around 75% of their energy needs from the surrounding air and only need a tiny amount of energy (gas or electricity); much less than required by a condensing boiler, for example. Heat pumps can lead to a reduction of 30% in energy costs in well-insulated homes! Did you also know that you can combine heat pumps with both older and newer radiators?

How does an air/water heat pump work?

The heat pump draws heat from the external air using a fan. An air/water heat pump is also the only type of heat pump that stays efficient right down to -20°C. The heat pump transports the heat to a component filled with a coolant, with a very low boiling point. This low boiling point means the liquid condenses rapidly. The vapour then moves into a compressor which increases pressure. This leads to heat being generated for your heating system and... a lovely, warm home. And, at the end of the month? You pay less for the same level of comfort. 

Good for the environment

Because a heat pump uses a form of renewable energy, it is also very good for the environment and climate. A pump does not need much energy to work. Thanks to the heat pump, you also use less energy from fossil fuels and there are reduced levels of CO2 emissions compared to a classic or condensing boiler. 

Shhh... This house comes with a pleasant indoor climate

Heat pumps have a reputation for producing a disturbing level of noise. That is why Vasco put extra effort into developing the Vica 8 AW E. Thanks to the extra-large condensers, the modulating method used by the compressor, fan and charging pump and a noise-reducing insulation layer around the external unit, this heat pump is as quiet as can be. Your neighbours will be delighted!

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