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The best heating for a small home

The best heating for a small home

We are increasingly moving into smaller homes and, as a result, are continuously searching for practical solutions for more limited space. Subsequently, the more space we can save, the better. By thinking carefully about the type of heating elements you use, you will get the most from your smaller home. A summary!

Underfloor heating for a spacious feeling

If you don't want to use up valuable space for your heating, underfloor heating is the ideal solution. The heating elements are located in the floor so you can use all of your space for furniture and decoration. Put your long cabinet where you like; you don’t need to worry about radiators.

Nevertheless, underfloor heating works best in combination with a few radiators. These provide additional comfort in rooms where more rapid temperature fluctuations are required, such as the bedroom. But which radiators are most suitable for a small home? Let us show you.

Vertical or horizontal radiators in a small home?

In a small home, you want to use each square centimetre as efficiently as possible. Classic radiators are usually installed horizontally. This can be useful in a small home, for example under a window. But, in many cases, you can save more space with vertical radiators. Then you’ll have more room to put furniture against the walls, for example. Or perhaps you have a little wall that is too small for a cabinet, but just wide enough for a vertical radiator?

The designer radiators from Vasco are available in both horizontal and vertical versions. No matter the layout of your home, we have a radiator that will suit your smaller interior.

Keep it simple

A robust radiator is very eye-catching and that's the last thing you need in a small home. The simple design of the Vasco design radiators is perfect for smaller spaces. Radiators with a smooth front plate, such as the Flatline- or Niva-collection from Vasco, blend into the wall, particularly if you choose the same paint colour.