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This is how to maintain your ventilo fan-coil unit

This is how to maintain your ventilo fan-coil unit

Heat pumps are very popular nowadays and that’s no surprise. They are sustainable and have a dual function: energy-efficient heating in the winter and pleasant cooling in the summer. To enjoy both functions, you’re advised to buy a ventilo fan-coil unit. This heat-exchanger with slats and an integrated fan blows both cold and hot air into the room. They are also very low-maintenance. We’ll tell you all about the easy maintenance of your ventilo fan-coil unit.

Maintaining your ventilo fan-coil unit is a piece of cake

It takes very little time. And you’ll notice that you’ll rarely need to call in a professional. As long as you clean the unit on a regular basis.

Just clean it with your vacuum cleaner a few times a year. This will ensure that dust isn't blown into the room and will optimise the effectiveness of your fan-coil unit. First, disconnect the unit from the mains power supply before you start work. Then take the grille off the front and suck out the dust with a brush-head on your vacuum cleaner. The casing around the unit should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Never use an abrasive sponge as this could damage the surface. It’s also best to avoid the use of water: moisture and electricity are not great friends!

Professional maintenance every now and then

If you follow the above instructions carefully, professional maintenance will only be required every now and then. Have you noticed that your fan-coil unit sputters or is not working very effectively? Then contact your Vasco-dealer.