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What about ventilation and hay fever?

What about ventilation and hay fever?

The summer inevitably means pollen. Are you worried that by ventilating you will also have problems with hay fever indoors? Put that immediately out of your head, because the opposite is true. We will explain it to you.

Mechanical ventilation for healthy indoor air

Both natural and mechanical ventilation are good for a healthy indoor climate, but people who suffer from hay fever would be advised to choose the latter option. If you open windows and doors, the pollen from outdoors easily comes into your home. A mechanical ventilation system D filters the outdoor air before it comes inside. A system like that has electrostatic and anti-bacteriological filters. So the pollen-filled contaminated air is automatically replaced by fresh, healthy air. A handy way to reduce your hay fever symptoms indoors.

A dust free and hypo-allergenic home

A good ventilation system not only keeps pollen out, it is also a necessity for people who are allergic to dust mites. The little creatures love a humid environment and mechanical ventilation makes sure humid air is automatically refreshed. This means that the risk of mould in your home – and all the related health issues – are also significantly reduced.

Choosing ventilation system C or D?

While a ventilation system C mechanically sucks the air out and naturally draws in air, a system D does both mechanically. But a ventilation system D delivers even more benefits. For example, a Vasco system D always uses heat recovery, which means there is less heat loss. That has a positive effect on your E level: the ventilation contributes to an energy-efficient home. Not only you, but the environment too, benefits from the optimum temperature comfort provided by a ventilation system D. Finally, with a system D you do not have to be afraid of noise. Thanks to the soundproofed ventilation unit, no noise comes in from outside and the ventilation system itself is also extremely quiet.

In short, a ventilation system D is ideal for keeping the symptoms of hay fever to a minimum indoors, because it provides an excellent quality of air and has other benefits. Want to know more? Our experts are happy to give further explanation.