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What is the average energy consumption of a family home?

What is the average energy consumption of a family home?

In the interest of the environment and our wallet, we keep a close eye on our energy consumption these days. However, when are we doing it right or wrong, and what is the average energy consumption of a family? We make a distinction between the average electricity consumption and natural gas consumption of a family home. Quickly find out the status of your consumption here.

The average energy consumption of a family

An average Flemish family with two parents and one child uses 3,500 kWh of electricity per annum. If the central heating is also electric, that consumption will be significantly higher. Certainly if the electric appliances are older. Of course the actual consumption may be slightly higher or lower, depending on the insulation of the home. The comfort requirements of the family and the number of electric appliances can also affect that number.

The average natural gas consumption of a family

For cooking and warm water combined the average Flemish family consumes an average of 2,326 kWh of natural gas. If natural gas is also used for the radiators, consumption rises quickly to an average of 23,260 kWh. How much you use, again depends on the type of house, the year the house was built (and its insulation) and how you manage the thermostat. Does your family consume more or less than the average family?

Saving energy

Are you shocked by the numbers above? Don’t panic: you can do quite a lot to reduce your family’s energy consumption. You can invest in proper insulation, for example, manage your central heating smartly and always turn off appliances when not using them. Also, comparing your energy supplier with other suppliers can provide surprising insights. You will find more handy tips here to save on your energy bill. Success!