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EasyFlow air ducts for ventilation offer maximum flexibility

EasyFlow air ducts for ventilation offer maximum flexibility

If you’re renovating your home, the design aspect of it all is probably the first thing on your mind. Yet considering what kind of ventilation system you want to install is just as important – if not more so. Not only is ventilation a must if you want to comply with current legislation, it also creates a healthier indoor climate. But what about the noise, you ask? No worries. The Vasco EasyFlow air duct system is whisper-quiet.

EasyFlow: low-noise air ducts

Vasco’s EasyFlow air ducts are as quiet as a mouse, since they’re made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and have excellent aerodynamic properties. Polluted air is removed from your home by means of collectors, so there is no direct sound transfer between rooms. The oval air ducts are also ideal for installation in suspended ceilings, insulation layers, insulating fill layers and cement screeds. The pipes are easy to bend thanks to their ribbed exterior and they are flexible from beginning (plenum) to end (valve connection piece).

Quick and easy installation

The EasyFlow air ducts are a clever piece of work, each air valve having only one air duct (eliminating the need for several parallel air ducts). This makes cleaning your ventilation system a lot easier.

Installing the air ducts requires no sawing or cutting whatsoever. Vasco supplies the necessary mounting brackets, which you can easily attach using pressure nails. All you have to do is drill one small hole (of about 6 millimeters wide).

EasyFlow for poured concrete layers

The oval EasyFlow air ducts are suitable for installation in poured concrete layers. The distribution units measure 75 millimeters or 90 millimeters in diameter and can be linked to both a vertical and a horizontal connection piece.

Vasco is always happy to provide a customized quote and installation plan for your EasyFlow channels. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.